One of the main things I’ve pondered over the past few quarters here at the Art Institute is how to make those rounded rectangles for the web. It drives me absolutely insane! Now I’m pretty sure there’s a way to just take an image and have it repeat while you make the rounded corners an image and do it like that, but there’s got to be an easier way.

Mainly I guess the point I’m getting at, is I really want to break the mold of the simplistic designs I’ve been using and would like to do something fresh. I’m saying I’d like to learn how to design better.

Also, the one thing that has annoyed me to death is fixing all the problems in Internet Explorer that pop up; apparently though, I’m not alone in this regard.

Other than these few things, just the normal stuff would be nice. Like more CSS, PHP, AJAX. The scripting languages I’m not familiar with will obviously come later, but becoming really good at CSS and HTML design is my main priority right now as a basis for everything that is to come later on.