Research Monday, Aug 11 2008 

Ah research, we meet again. So for my final project I decided that politics were the way to go. Always will be content, always a problem to solve with politics so it’s win/win.

Now the approach and idea behind the project is to inform voters on candidates in a non-partisan way and let the voter decide who they think is best. One way I would like to approach this is with links to what the two candidates have said themselves, for example their websites.

A really neat feature to add would be to help people register to vote in their respective area.

So for my research I went to:

Barack Obama’s Website to get his views on his issues. He has a very clean looking design to his website I must admit.

John McCain’s Website for also views in his own words.

Commitment 2008 has a nice section for a brief rundown of issues comparing each candidate but nothing too thorough.

Project Vote Smart has a bit more in depth information including voting records and everything in general you would need to know about government down to state officials running for office. Also I like the navigation here.

Election Guide 2008 by MSN is most likely the best website I’ve found in terms of unbiased in-depth information that’s reliable. Also the design is very clean.


Final Project Speculations Monday, Aug 4 2008 

Well my initial thought is, back in User Centered Design we had to design a website in illustrator and I made a video game website complete with information and news over the latest games and technology, and I kinda want to make that website into a reality especially since it’s a topic I’m very passionate about, and I have a good understanding of the content and types of designs that associate with video games.

Other than this, I’m not sure, some sort of store or news portal would suffice.

Positioning, no get your mind out of the gutter… Monday, Aug 4 2008 

In all honesty, I hate positioning with such a passion that for awhile now I’ve been a floated layouts only kinda guy mostly because it causes less stress for me across different platforms. Now this may be wise, but it’s also like trying to run a marathon with one leg.

Positioning is important but what does it exactly do? Found a nice article that put it very simple and basic like for me.

Position-Static: Normal, nothing is changed. This is the default, but you can set it specifically to this to make it normal again.

Position-Relative: Relative to normal. So you place an element in the flow, then tell it to go 40px left with position relative and it’ll move 40px left relative to where it was normally placed.

Position-Absolute: This takes the element out of normal flow and places it wherever you want. All the other elements will sort of ignore the element you’ve placed absolutely.

Position-Fixed: Also takes it out of the flow but displays the element relative to the browser position. (Doesn’t work in Internet Explorer)

So with this newfound knowledge I’m going to go for some more experimentation I’ve been meaning to do with overlapping navigation I’ve seen on some websites that might look cool.

Also found some nice stuff here and some info about positioning in CSS3 here.