Research Monday, Aug 11 2008 

Ah research, we meet again. So for my final project I decided that politics were the way to go. Always will be content, always a problem to solve with politics so it’s win/win.

Now the approach and idea behind the project is to inform voters on candidates in a non-partisan way and let the voter decide who they think is best. One way I would like to approach this is with links to what the two candidates have said themselves, for example their websites.

A really neat feature to add would be to help people register to vote in their respective area.

So for my research I went to:

Barack Obama’s Website to get his views on his issues. He has a very clean looking design to his website I must admit.

John McCain’s Website for also views in his own words.

Commitment 2008 has a nice section for a brief rundown of issues comparing each candidate but nothing too thorough.

Project Vote Smart has a bit more in depth information including voting records and everything in general you would need to know about government down to state officials running for office. Also I like the navigation here.

Election Guide 2008 by MSN is most likely the best website I’ve found in terms of unbiased in-depth information that’s reliable. Also the design is very clean.


Final Project Speculations Monday, Aug 4 2008 

Well my initial thought is, back in User Centered Design we had to design a website in illustrator and I made a video game website complete with information and news over the latest games and technology, and I kinda want to make that website into a reality especially since it’s a topic I’m very passionate about, and I have a good understanding of the content and types of designs that associate with video games.

Other than this, I’m not sure, some sort of store or news portal would suffice.