Yeah, only I could mess up the first assignment so wonderfully bad. So in response to messing up, I will attempt to cover my rear.

In all honesty, I tried doing a Google Blog search for CSS design and shockingly it didn’t help much. So I turned to trusty old Google Reader instead and pulled some stuff from A List Apart firstly.

This article is titled Design is in the Details, and I couldn’t agree more. His article really details the whole process most of us go through whether consciously or not. This is helpful especially for myself because I tend to fly by the seat of my pants and “go wherever the wind may take me” kind of attitude sometimes with the whole design process.

So to be blunt, going through a process forces me to take a measured and professional look at what it really takes to design well.

The second article i found was in Douglass Bowman’s Stopdesign website. Bowman’s article serves to reinforce the whole concept of going through a process for design. From researching imagery to carefully picking your typography.

I don’t think people really realize all the effort that goes into making websites look professional and polished after reading these two articles. Designers just pull it off so well that we come to expect it as a standard. I can tell you though, a person can recognize when a website has done something bad, and I believe this process of design can help you overcome making your design and website bad.